Welcome to Faith Centre. We believe that we are called according to His divine purpose to work towards His Kingdom Advancement in our very lives.Our faith is in the super natural Power of God Most High and we welcome you to join us in experiencing the Move of God’s Power in every area of your life in the form of healing, deliverance, restoration, anointing, blessing and transformation to the likeliness of the image of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior

Our Church is strategically placed on the main road of Malvern which affords easy access. Our parking facilities are adequate and safe with efficient and friendly staff in attendance. The main auditorium is spacious, air-conditioned and the seating is comfortable. Other amenities are easily reachable which includes a mothers’ room for attending to infants. Our Sunday School runs concurrently with our church services to facilitate travelling and other conveniences.Our workers are hand-picked and above all have a special calling upon their lives to function in their area of responsibility. We have a continuous flow of training sessions to upgrade and motivate all our workers and leaders. This ensures that cutting-edge methods that have a proven track record are employed for the benefit of all our members.

No matter who you are, where you’re from or what you do – we are here to uplift you and your family in every way possible. Together we can overcome every obstacle in Jesus’ Name. We are a Bible-based Church with a God-given mandate to:

-Preach and teach the pure and relevant Word of God
-Pray constantly and effectively with signs and wonders following
-Share the Love of Jesus through fellowship, counseling and caring for the affluent, the needy, the abused and the downtrodden
-Spread the Gospel of hope to everyone within our community and beyond
-Worship the Lord with passion and excellence

Whether you are casually searching for a new church or simply investigating the truth about the awesome claims of Jesus Christ, we thank you for allowing us the privilege and the honour of presenting to you the Living Christ Who is the Saviour, the Deliverer and the ONLY Hope for the Nations! Alternatively, if you are a committed Christian and want to develop in your faith and sharpen your leadership skills – Revival Ministries is the place to be! Let this be your home - away from home!