We believe that service (Acts of Kindness) are the normal expressions of Christian living. Here at Faith Centre, Serving is a part of the growth model for our church (Mark 10:45) following our Lord Jesus Christ, Who came not to be served, but to serve and to give.
Psalm 41.1 "Blessed is he that considers the poor: the LORD will deliver him in time of trouble"

Vision 4 Mission supports the overall mission and mandate of the church by evangelizing to the lost both locally and internationally in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We employ care, compassion and respect to the underprivileged and destitute by ensuring that their primary needs i.e. Spiritual, Social and Physical needs are addressed. Furthermore we commit to serving society by empowering all team members, considering suggestions from within communities whilst maintaining the utmost humility thus cementing our faith and belief in God is the healer and provider.We are striving to be one of the leaders in spiritual outreach programs by encouraging people to join us and share their time and talents in our endeavour to enrich and save society at large.

Our short term goal is to achieve our outreach targets for the year, the medium goal is to complete the upgrade of our crisis facility at Faith centre Ministries and our long term goal is to develop Orphanage´s and church´s both locally and internationally.Our primary objective is to win souls for Jesus by employing economies, efficiencies and effectives in our duties, thus supporting the overall mission accordingly. We set our targets at the beginning of the year and measure our performance against the targets accordingly, By the grace of God we have completed 10 outreaches in 6 months. We focus on meeting spiritual needs by setting targets such as "find the need and meet it", and "Find the wound, and heal it". Furthermore an ongoing brainstorming session is conducted to find new ways to improve our service for the ministry.

By God´s grace we have achieved 10 outreaches in 6 months.

Some of the highlights are as follows :
–Stationery and feeding Scheme in Verulam
–Monthly Queensburgh Walk for Jesus – Many souls were reached at the Shopping Centres.
–Queensburgh Easter Float/March – Networked with the local church’s proclaiming the name of Jesus
–Capital investment : Faith Centre Ministries Missions Vehicle
–Medical Clinic in Demat and Shallcross( Local Doctors are now on board assisting with dispensing medication).
–Commenced the Blanket Drive – Our Target is Orange Farm/ 2013-Lesotho,
–Faith Centre Crisis Clinic upgrade – Utilized for outreach.
–Planned Trip – Orange Farm 25th to 27th of July 14.

We thank God for Pastor Stanley and Sister Sandra who has the Heart for Missions and goes all out to ensure that the resources are available for the missions team. We are also grateful to have a dedicated workforce, who has the passion to reach out to those that in need, May the Lord Bless all those that sacrifice their time and resources to ensure that the missions department grow from strength to strength.

For Further enquiries contact the Person Incharge: Br.Mark Reginald

To Dream Big is our Vision, Soul Winning is our Mission