History of Faith Centre

The history of Faith Centre sprouted when Pastors Manikum and Savy Moodley founded Faith Centre in August of 1980.Faith Centre held it's first service in Pastor Mannie's garage. From there the services were then held under tent and then later on they were able to move to a church. Pastor Mannie'sheart and soul was with the people of Demat. He was therefore well respected by this community.
The Faith Centre is affiliated to Christian Evangelistic Assemblies, a movement founded by Dr. T.J. and Marie Bronkhorst who are CEA Missionaries in South Africait is therefore because of the passion and dedication they have towards the Lord, that the Bronkhorsts and the Moodleys have been friends since the early 70's core beliefs.

Pastor Mannie walked through rough terrains and over rocky mountains proclaiming the name of Jesus. His greatest desire was to build a great church for the people of Demat. Unfortunately, Pastor Mannie became illwhile the church was in the process of being built. Pastor Mannie sadly passed away before his dream was fulfilled.It was a sad day in the history of Faith Centre Demat when he passed but you can be sure that the angels in heaven were rejoicing.It his with his memory and the Lords blessing that the church has grown from strength to strength. From a modest start, to a great and wonderful place of worship. It has a large congregation, and it is with their unconditional belief in Lord Jesus Christ that the Faith Centre Demat continues to be a light that guides people towards the right path in life.

Pastor Stanley Moodley took over the responsibility of being Senior Pastor of Faith Centre Demat. Under the ministry of Pastor Stanley the church has prospered and he has now opened up a new church in Malvern.The work in Demat continues under his leadership where he is supported by strong leadership and a loyal congregation .Thank God for Pastor Stanley's Ministry and the wisdom that God has given him, so that perishing souls will be ushered to the kingdom of God.